Implementation Process

Multiregistration understands your Membership Process

Membership processing and management can be a tedious task that brings a lot of complexity and manual operations. We believe that understanding the membership process of one’s medical association is a crucial part of its success at recruiting and retaining members. Therefore, as experts in Membership Management, we have developed the tools required to allow us to integrate your process within our system. Our Implementation is as follows:

Understanding your process

We meet your team, look at how you work and analyze your membership process. At this stage, we define with you how well this process serves you and propose new strategies if needed. We standardize this process in a requirements document.

Data Analysis and Validation

We contact your technical team to get a glimpse of your data. We analyze its complexity, content and technical aspects of it for standardization and implementation within MULTIREGISTRATION.

Process building & Data integration

We fully customize our platform to reflect your organization needs defined earlier. Every step of the process will collect the information you need. The branding will have your organization’s look. We’ll also integrate your legacy data in the system.


Tests & Launch

We finalize the project by setting up a testing environment where we can test the process. You can also review the imported data within the system to validate its integrity. Once ready, we launch  the system!